Dear Jon and Julia,

Here are my top 4 options for your fabulous month long honeymoon trip of a lifetime (see Ask Jennifer for the full details).  Only you can decide.

As seen as climate was such a top priority I think the Southern Hemisphere would be perfect. June is the end of their fall into beginning of winter. And “winter” in the Southern hemisphere is a pleasant 50 degrees farenheit. Hitting two birds with one stone it is far from Iowa. You just have to choose how far.

The classic: New Zealand

It has everything from sky diving to mud pools to cute pubs, country walks, sheep and wine country. Oh yeah, and glaciers. It’s scenery is now world famous for scenes from the Lord of the Rings movies. 4-6 weeks is recommended for a do-it-all Auckland to Christchurch tour – either rent a car, or bus it. Lets face it if you are going that far you want to make sure you see it all. Travel is hassle free, all in English and despite the strength in the Kiwi Dollar, still surprisingly reasonable.

The adventurer: South Africa

It is Africa, and a hugely diverse country. From Cape Town, the super cool beach and surf town to Stellenbosch the wine region, to safari in Kruger to the Drakensburg mountains. Take the famous Blue Train or the coastal Garden Route. And end the trip on safari. I couldn’t think of anywhere better than the truly incredible Kambaku lodge. If you need anymore convincing, the food and wine are incredible, and won’t blow your budget.

The romantic: Argentina

They speak the language of love. The land of tango, red wine, steak and warm nights. Again with a month you could tour a large part of the country from Buenos Aires which I warn you, you may never want to leave, to the wine region (a common theme) of Mendoza, to Iguazu falls in the north to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego in the south. The Perito Mereno glacier is a particular treat. The language may make it a bit trickier to get around but also just adds to that feeling of being somewhere exotic, its a place where time actually stands still.

The wild card: Antartic cruise

No wine region, but one hell of a story. How many people can even say they have been here. Invest in a good camera and its an instant storybook of memories. Enter another world, and really truly get away from it all.  Maybe you guys cannot take the thought of anymore ice right now, but penguins?  Take a cruise through the ice from Southern Argentina and in a month you could combine it with a trip to South Georgia too. With even more incredible wildlife. Best of all while you rest on the boat, the adventure comes to you, no effort required!

So that’s it, you’ve seen all 4 options, now which will you pick?  A word of warning that while I’ve been to parts of South Africa and Argentina  New Zealand and Antarctica just come from my personal top places to go list. More research happily required.  Keep us posted…

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