Surprise me

Need an idea for your latest holiday?  Want to try somewhere new? Or just want some local recommendations for when you are on the ground?  Try me…

And if I have no bright ideas I know a few people who will.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    My first assignment: design a honeymoon for my good friends Julia and her beau Jon.

    Their criteria are below and I’ll be back with my suggestions soon. If any of you have other ideas, please add them… and we’ll wait for them to pick a winner!

    ** We have about a month, June 2011
    ** We’d like to go somewhere a bit far
    ** We can’t go anywhere that’s going to be that hot
    ** If possible, we’d like to go somewhere that it isn’t high, high season.
    ** We would like to mix relaxation with activities; hiking, hauling, exploring, etc
    ** Cost not much of a barrier or even language

    Answers on a postcard!

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